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Important Information about Hezbollah Terror

There are many terror organization in the world today and that is why many countries if not all countries in the world are experiencing a lot of insecurity because of the terror activities. A lot of research has been conducted and if you visit any online site, you will notice that terror groups conduct many activities. The countries that have been experiencing this terror activity have taken necessary measures to ensure that they don’t become the victim of the terror activities anymore.

The terror activities are done by many groups in the world today and one example that is well-known terror group is Hezbollah organization.Hezbollah is an organization also called party of Allah which is a political party and a militant group based on Lebanon. Hezbollah organization was formed in 1985 and after the death of the founder, it was succeeded by another leader in 1992. Hezbollah organization has been categorized as a terror group especially by the United States, European Union, Canada, Arab League, Israel, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Australia.

Hezbollah group has its headquarters in Beirut Lebanon and most of the activities they carry out are as a product of the ideologies which shape what they do. Most of the people that are in Hezbollah group are Islamic and that is why it is important to understand that most of the ideologies are from a religious perspective.Hezbollah group has a website that can give you any info you want, for instance, you can discover more about their leaders and learn more about the ideologies. The strength of Hezbollah group is sourced from many other groups that support them as allies, for example, Cuba, northern Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and so on.

Hezbollah group started being active when Israel invaded southern Lebanon because they started the Lebanese Civil War which was in 1985. To get Israel out of Lebanon Hezbollah group invaded Israel Defense force in asymmetric war using suicidal attacks. The reason why Hezbollah group is very reputed in the world is that they were involved in Islamic resistance groups in the Middle East as they used differences tactics like suicide bombing, assassination, capturing of foreign soldiers and hijacking as the main tactics. Hezbollah is a well-known group as they have been involved in terrors activities such as bombing embassies in many countries.

It is important to understand those different activities conducted by the Hezbollah group are funded from different sources. The main sources of income for Hezbollah group includes Lebanese who live overseas exploring diamond in Africa, businessmen, private persons, businesses in Lebanon, and other Islamic groups and countries.